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Forever Empowered this International Women 's Day

On Tuesday 8th March we celebrated International Women’s Day. A day of  celebration, action, and awareness for women and the challenges that can arise every day, we wanted to honour and share the stories of all of the wonderful women in our Forever Family. 

We asked you to share your stories of how Forever has empowered you in some way, or how you have realised your dreams and achieved success. We received so many fantastic and inspiring entries, and we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who shared their stories. Take a look at a selection of the inspirational entries below:

“I joined Forever at a critical point in my life. I had been in UK for 4 years and was finding integration into my community so difficult. I had no friends, I was finding the language accent barrier difficult. I felt I was being judged on the way I spoke, dressed and worked. I was on the brink of going back to Zimbabwe. Although I had my family here, I was lonely I needed associations with level minded people with similar interests. So, June 2015 was a turning point for me in terms of social associations. I found a different home on a Facebook community that was warm, no-judging and accommodating. A community interested in my growth and I grew wings. The training I went through helped me blossom. I gained my confidence back through personal development and product grooming. I developed a sense of belonging and gradually built my happiness back. Although all my connections were virtual it felt like I had known most of them for years. 2017 I attended my first Success Day and I have never been happier and empowered. The event made me feel that I could do anything I sought out to do, I realised the only limitation was me. I was renewed with a different mindset which made my integration easier.” 

“Forever has proved to be the best personal development progamme I didn't realise I needed. It's been the catalyst for me to take control and start working to overcome personal challenges in my life. I've come so far already and I'm excited by what is coming next. Thank you a million times over Forever!” 

“Forever has brought the very best out of me. Who knew suffering from Postpartum issues would lead me to my solutions and success! Now top that with becoming a Manager the same year and that was the cherry on top! I enjoyed helping others along the way and met some amazing people. I believe in the products and that gave me a voice, and I could not keep it to myself so I shared with others. 

Now I dish out positivity. I now empower other people, helping one family at a time. This journey is so fulfilling. It has given me the opportunity to interact with so many amazing individuals, and have witnessed amazing transformations along the journey. Who knew this shy girl from Murewa village in Zimbabwe would be a Forever Manager in 2021? My confidence has grown so much, Forever afforded me the opportunity to grow with my Team, to love and to be grateful Forever. I am happy that I now empower others to achieve extraordinary things. Thanks to Forever, an ordinary me is doing extraordinary things.”  

“Forever has given me so many amazing opportunities over the past 22 months and I know I am only at the start of my journey. One of the things I am forever grateful for is the personal growth I have received, it has really helped me see life in a much more positive way, it has taught me about goal setting, mindset and gratitude, things I had never thought of before I became a Business Owner. It is an amazing, inspirational community to be involved in.”

Growth, Belief & Success Starting my Forever journey, 5 years ago has empowered me to believe in myself. It has opened me up to so many opportunities and I have met and work alongside so many amazing ladies. My proudest moment was when my youngest little, man at just 6 weeks old, joined me on stage for one of my biggest achievements at that time. Believe in yourself, set goals, go for what it is you want and enjoy the journey.”  

“Before Forever I always had trouble getting out of my comfort zone, shy and in my own little bubble. But things changed when I was expecting my first child. Since joining Forever, this phenomenal company has empowered me to get my confidence back and health. Over the years my confidence and personal development has grown massively and is still continuing to grow! I've done so many events which I'd never have done years ago, let alone be on a training with 100s of people tuning in. I've also hosted a training evening for some of the team I'm in, which was a privilege to do and really fun too. But the best thing about having a flexible business that works around my family is that I've not missed any milestones, I've witnessed all the firsts of my boy's growing up.”

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