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Forever be your favourite self

What will make you smile this Christmas?

With Christmas just six days away, the excitement is really starting to build! To help us get into the festive mood we’ve been chatting to some of our Forever Business Owners about what will make their family smile this Christmas… after all, it is the most wonderful time of the year!

“At Christmas our tradition is our mum and dad leave one big present for all of us to give after we eat our Christmas dinner so that the day isn't over as soon as the presents are opened! We then get handed a letter with cryptic clues as to where to find the present. It's a family tradition that we have had since I can remember and we film each other while we hunt for the special gift!” – Kyle Burrows, Senior Manager

I love Christmas Eve, drinking mulled wine and having a buffet, whilst making the most of the Christmas spirit is one of my favourite times of year. On Christmas Day, I start by opening my presents, then I go down to the Stables and celebrate Christmas with my horse Star, who always gets a stocking full of goodies! Then we always like to go to my nanas with all of the family, and celebrate with Christmas dinner and champagne. – Lucy Chadwick, Supervisor

On Christmas Eve every year we make our own reindeer food and sprinkle it all around the garden with the kids just before bed time. It's made from oats and lots of glitter so it sticks in the snow and leaves the garden sparkly for months after. My mum is one of 14 children and my grandmother still lives in the house that she gave birth to them all in. I am one of 90 grand children and great grandchildren and we all go to her house the week before Christmas and she dresses as Santa and we all do a HUGE secret Santa. It's hilarious. The kids go dressed as Santa's helpers and reindeers and we sing Christmas songs and ring sleigh bells. Every Christmas morning I run downstairs before the rest of the family. I put the Christmas tree lights on, light some candles and play "So this is Christmas" by John Lennon and film the kids running down stairs. It makes me cry every time. – Natalie Valenti, Sapphire Manager

I have always loved Christmas Eve, the excitement, leaving a mince pie, carrot and glass of sherry for Father Christmas and  the tradition of looking into the sky for Father Christmas before bedtime, someone always spots him but he is too quick for us to see. I enjoy this even more so now, as I have my son Beau and will be doing the same with him. – Daisy Jones, Senior Manager

"I am so excited for Christmas this year as it’s the very first time that my husband Matt hasn’t been playing professional rugby & we can spend the entire festive period together as a family with our two boys Finlay & Freddie. It’s also our first Christmas as husband & wife! So a super special one! Christmas Eve sees us all donning our Christmas pyjamas, sprinkling reindeer dust, leaving snacks for Santa & Rudolph & hanging our stockings before trying to get some sleep. Then the next morning is just wonderful when the boys realise Santa has visited by spying their stockings full to the brim then seeing Santa’s footprints on the floor leading to a tree overrun with presents. I wish I could bottle my boy’s excitable laughter on Christmas morning! – Rebecca Chambers, Soaring Manager

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