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Flavours of Forever: April

From Forever Aloe Vera Gels to Forever Bee Honey, you’re probably familiar by now with the range of consumable products that Forever stocks, each with their own individual health benefits. But have you ever stopped to consider all the possible ways to use them?

We’ve started to create monthly Flavours of Forever and Shake of the Month videos for you, so that you can experience the true power of aloe in a variety of different recipes. These recipes are perfect whether you want to enjoy a healthful snack for yourself or want to introduce others to products in the Forever line up! 

Watch Amelia talk you through our recipes for April, which feature a delicious chocolate protein snack and a fresh, green shake. 

Flavours of Forever: Chocolate Protein Balls

1 ½ cups rolled oats

1 cup natural peanut butter (100% peanuts, no additives)

¼ cup of Forever Bee Honey

2 scoops of Forever Lite Ultra Chocolate

2 tablespoons of chocolate chips

All you need to do it place the oats, peanut butter, Forever Bee HoneyForever Lite Ultra and chocolate chips into a large bowl and stir to combine.

Once you’ve combined the mixture, use a spoon to scoop out similar sizes of the mixture. Use your hands to roll them into a nice ball shape and lay them into a container.

They’re fine to eat like this, or if you want them a little firmer you can pop them in the fridge before you eat them.

 Shake of the Month: Spring Greens

1 scoop Forever Lite Ultra

300ml almond milk

2 handfuls spinach

Handful chopped cucumber

½ banana

Handful chopped celery

Pinch of grated ginger

Dash of lime juice

Pop all the ingredients into a blender and blend until you reach the desired consistency. Cucumber and celery can take a little longer to blend if you want a smooth texture, so just bear that in mind!

Your Spring Greens shake is great to take with you on the go, or you can enjoy it as part of an easy morning at home!

Let us know in the comments if you’ll be giving these a go!

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