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F.I.T. Focus: Managers Ruth and Mark Oldfield

Fitness and sport have always played a role in Ruth’s life, and although in the past she has battled with her weight, Forever has helped to rebuild her confidence…

I have six-year-old twin girls, Harriet and Isabella, and I found the first three years of their lives pretty tough. As a result I spent a lot of time behind closed doors feeling really unhappy. I was introduced to Forever – and the C9 – by my brother’s better half, Kim Redpath. I decided to give it a go and, nine days later, people commented that I looked really well (I think it was the ‘aloe glow’). Several friends decided that they also wanted to do the C9 and that’s how my Forever business – and my confidence – was born.

Fitness and sport have always played an important part in my life. My father runs ultra-marathons and my husband, Mark, has completed two Ironman competitions. Both have had a very successful 2015 and they have both integrated a range of Forever products into their training regimes. Last year Mark achieved a personal best at Ironman Copenhagen. He knocked one hour seven minutes off his time and, due to a foot injury, he actually trained less than he had previously! Mark can’t speak highly enough of the products and he is now a complete Forever convert, never without his daily dose of Argi+, Forever Freedom, Forever Arctic Sea, Forever Active HA, A-Beta-Care and Forever Multi-Maca.

I too have always played sport, but I’ve also battled with my weight for years; I never had the confidence to sign up to a ‘proper’ challenge before. However, last year, two friends, my sister, and I, decided to sign up for an adventure challenge in the Lake District called ‘Race the Sun’. Starting at sunrise and finishing by sunset, this challenge involved cycling fifty miles, climbing Helvellyn (3,116ft) and canoeing across Lake Thirlmere. We trained for ten months and managed not only to successfully complete the challenge, but we were also the second fastest female team (finishing in ten hours and twenty-two minutes). If it wasn’t for the Forever Aloe Vera Gel, my pre-training shots of Argi+, and my supply of Forever Active Boost and Vitolize for Women – all these products contain either vitamin C or B6 which contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue – there is no way that I would have been able to continue for over ten hours!

Before the race I never for one moment thought that I would fail, and I apply the same thinking to my Forever business. My advice to anyone would be to keep going – anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Today Mark and I have a growing Manager business and we are really looking forward to achieving Eagle Manager and Chairman’s Bonus in 2016. The future is so exciting and I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of this amazing journey. Although I’m not sure what my next fitness challenge will be (Mark’s is to take part in the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii), I know that whatever it is it will be challenging and completely out of my comfort zone – bring it on!

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