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Finding Inner Strength

Lindsey Jackson has been a business owner with Forever for around 13 years and is now a Senior Manager in the business. She also runs her own Pilates and fitness training classes at Enhance Wellbeing.

Following on from our active dance classes and C9 fitness classes with Kristina Rihanoff in May, we’re switching things up a bit in June as Lindsey goes live with us on our Facebook page to help us find balance and inner strength. Read her story below and don’t forget to tune in every #WorkoutWednesday at 1pm on Facebook!

Welcome to a month of Pilates! I’d like to take you on a journey of discovering your inner strength!

We tend to think of fitness as running, cycling, HIIT and weights. Of course, cardio and strength is important; for years I taught all of the aerobic fitness styles because I love them! Then one day I discovered Pilates and life changed: it became more balanced.

To give you an idea of my background, I was in NHS management, then consultancy and training. I discovered Forever about 13 years ago when a class member told me about the company. With 2 small children my life had got busy, and I was teaching too many classes in the evenings. So, I decided to weave my part time hobby, Pilates and fitness training, in with this new-found Forever business - and the rest is history.

Like many, I discovered that being flexible and working from home around small children was unconventional, but brilliant. I’m now a Senior Manager in Forever and have qualified for 8 Chairman’s Bonus cheques - trips and rewards I’d have never achieved just teaching my classes.

I’d love to help you discover that strength is an inside job! Core strength and postural strength give you much more than just the physical benefits. With Pilates comes improved mindful movement, better breathing, stress reduction, focus, determination and patience. All attributes for life AND for your Forever business.

So, whether you’d like to develop a flatter tummy or stronger back, or just ‘balance’ your current fitness with something less energetic (but incredibly effective) then get ready for our Wednesday slot at 1pm every week in June.

I’ll be covering some basic techniques first (for those new to the practice), followed by some progressively harder workouts that you can move on to in time. If you’re already into Pilates, the later sessions will be a great chance to revise your technique or hear from a different teacher and then to apply this new knowledge to all that you do. I’ll be delivering the following classes over the next few weeks:

Wednesday 3rd June - how to engage your inner muscles and fire up that powerhouse. What is Pilates all about?
Wednesday 10th June - some simple moves that will keep you mobile, release tension and start to build your strength from the inside.
Wednesday 17th June - putting it together in some flowing moves. Discover areas you want to improve so that you can set some goals for improvement.
Wednesday 24th June - Some more dynamic moves that require flexibility and strength but will be fun to try.

As a Pilates teacher for 25 years I’ve seen what works. I know that it’s quality over quantity every time that brings results. In just 40 mins a week together, you’ll become aware of tension you repeatedly hold in your body and ways to unravel some of the stresses of life. If you’re already fit and sporty, you’ll improve flexibility, reduce the chances of injury and create physical and mental balance.

I hope that you’ll love it so much that you’ll want to keep Pilates in your life and explore this exciting form further with me. If you have any questions please feel free to find me on my Facebook page Enhance Wellbeing, but in the meantime don’t forget that these #WorkoutWednesday sessions will be taking place on the main Forever Living UK & Ireland Facebook page, kicking off the 3rd June at 1pm. See you on the mat!

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