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DX4 hits the spot for 2023 trends

Mintel’s Global Consumer Trends Report 2023 reveals there are two things consumers are keeping at the front of their mind. The first is brand ethics; the second is their own mental wellbeing. 

Consumers have emerged from the pandemic and a very uncertain 2022 keen to refocus on themselves. They’re also ready to make some inward changes as part of the ‘new normal’. And to help encourage new routines, brands can lean on trial periods to make it easier for consumers to begin to act on the idea that they do not need to be the same person they were in the past. 

According to the Global Consumer Trends Report 2023, consumers want to quickly move forward and make up for lost time, diving into their preferred pursuits with gusto, seeking personalised products and services that match their skill level. At the same time, consumers will look for ways to become more resilient to change as they prepare for the uncertainties of the future. 

The report also states that the demand for mental health and wellness-focused products will grow as consumers look to understand their blind spots and actively work to overcome them. Brands can address this desire for clarity about the future by tapping into the spiritual practices or moral beliefs that consumers follow and engage with. Additionally, 71% of UK consumers say that diet and exercise are important ways of managing their stress, while 62% say that daily rituals are an important way to lift their mood.

This leads us directly onto how DX4 – Forever’s popular body balancing system – is absolutely on point for our times and resonating with consumers. With over three years in development, it confirms just how good Forever is at ‘reading the room’ when it comes to what consumers want. This kind of market insight is exactly what keeps Forever relevant and at the forefront, even as it approaches its 45th Anniversary in 2023. 

Given the findings of the Mintel report and the success of DX4 sales since its launch, we can confidently predict that the DX4 will continue to gain traction and popularity with customers. 

The report also says that 41% of UK customers agree that direct-to-consumer brands have a more personal connection with consumers than traditional brands – another positive for Forever. 

You can download Mintel’s Global Consumer Trends Report 2023 for free by clicking here.

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