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Don’t stop now! Build your business over the festive period

Slowly but surely the neighbour’s Christmas decorations are going up, the odd Christmas song is being heard on the radio, and the Christmas shopping is getting underway… so that must mean that December is the time to wind down for the rest of the year and enjoy a nice mug of mulled wine, right?

Wait! Before you go off to hibernate your way through the last month of the year, it’s worth thinking about how much of an effect working these last few weeks of the year could have on your business. Here are a few reasons for why you should keep going.

People want to buy gifts for Christmas

This is the season for giving, and most retailers will find that Christmas is the best time for selling, as people stock up on gifts for their loved ones. Forever has an incredible range of products, some of them even themed and wrapped up into bundles for you, that are suited for all kinds of people. From sporty individuals, to skincare lovers and everything in between, now is the time to reach out to people who may be looking for a special Christmas gift.

Gift vouchers can bring business in the New Year

If somebody isn’t sure which of Forever’s products to buy to best suit their loved one, why not offer them the chance to get a gift voucher which their recipient can redeem with you? This may be great encouragement for somebody new to discover your business, earning you a brand-new customer for the new year. Bear in mind that gift vouchers are often a Christmas Eve panic purchase, so make sure you’re open and available right up until the big day itself.

Christmas markets and fayres

Christmas markets are a fantastic way to get yourself and your business out there to lots of people who may never have heard of it before. If you can still book up a stall at a Christmas fayre, now’s the time to get out there and make sure everybody who’s on the lookout for the perfect Christmas gift knows that your products are available.

Have a Christmas get together… with Forever products

It’s party season, so now’s the time to gather your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours (and everybody on your Who Do You Know list) for an informal festive get together. While this is obviously a fantastic place to catchup with your close ones, it can also be a great excuse to pamper with some of Forever’s skincare products, create food recipes with some of Forever’s consumable products, and generally get some interest in your business.

New Year, New Me

As people wind down for the end of the year, many of them may be reflecting on how their year has gone and what they want to do in the New Year. If they’ve been dissatisfied with their job or want a new venture in their personal life, they may be open to the Forever opportunity so that they can start the afresh in January or February. If you close your doors in December, they may never find your opportunity and will find their happiness elsewhere.

So enjoy your Christmas decorations, your ice skating trips and your mulled wine in front of the fireplace… but don’t let the fire of your business go out over the holiday season and you’ll be in the best position to start the new year strong.

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