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Discover Why Kristina Rihanoff Ditched Her Old Skincare Routine

Professional dancer, choreographer, yoga teacher and former Strictly Come Dancing star Kristina Rihanoff is no stranger to quality products, and when it comes to decent skincare, the health-conscious star knows what she likes and what works for her. We caught up with Kristina to learn more about why she considers her Forever skincare routine to be the best skincare over other brands.

Why is skincare important to you?

Kristina: As a person in the public eye I have always tried to look after myself. I wear lots of makeup when I have social appearances, when I meet people and do my classes, so skincare has always been a big part of my daily regime. The older I get, the more I am trying to be thorough with that; obviously as you age you need to start introducing anti-ageing properties and hydrating properties, so that’s something that’s very important to me.

Have you always had an established skincare routine?

Kristina: I’ve always had some kind of skincare routine as years of competing meant I had to wear quite heavy makeup. As a result, I became very thorough when it comes to cleansing my skin, using scrubs and introducing hydrating products.

Why do you like forever’s skincare products?

Kristina: I’ve been connected to Forever Living for five years now and I love aloe vera products, particularly the drinking gels. I’m quite conscious about what I put into my body as well as on to my body, so the skincare was really a continuation of this. I love the Forever Aloe Vera Gel; aloe is great for shiny, glowing skin and nails, plus the drink has added vitamin C which contributes to normal collagen formation. I really feel like it enhances my complexion, but it also complements the Infinite by Forever skincare products I use. The properties of aloe vera are very healing and moisturising and it suits my skin really well.

When Infinite came out two years ago, I absolutely fell in love with the products and I still use the kit, morning and evening. I feel like it’s a wonderful base for makeup, because it’s not too heavy, and it also has good moisturising properties. My skin feels nice when I go to bed after I’ve taken off my makeup!

What’s your favourite forever skincare product?

Kristina: To be honest I use the whole Infinite skincare system together so it’s hard to pinpoint a favourite, but I absolutely love the Aloe Bio-Cellulose Mask. This is my go-to product on days when I have to be in public a lot, if I have a guest appearance, you know, things like that. I honestly love it, 1000%, I think it’s an absolutely amazing product!

How do you feel in yourself since you swapped to using forever skincare products?

Kristina: It makes me feel good because when I look at my skin, I can see that it’s in good condition, and that’s because of the products I use. I can really see the inside-out effect working and, like most women, if you use good skincare and take care of your skin, that will make you feel more confident.

How do you feel about being a forever brand ambassador?

Kristina: I’ve been an Ambassador for Forever Living for five years and it’s an absolutely amazing company to be with. I always look forward to seeing new products and how the products develop – it’s always so exciting! It’s a very organic relationship and I’m so passionate about it; whenever I do my own yoga sessions, a wellbeing session and various other events, I’m always so excited to talk about the products. I use them every day and I use them for me, so I can honestly tell people about my experience with the company and with the products.

Have you ditched old products in favour of Forever? Let us know your skincare routine in the comments below.

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