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Celebrating Forever’s Legacy: Felix Lloyd-Davies

Felix Lloyd-Davies was born in 2000 and has been a part of Forever almost his entire life. His mum, Deborah Lloyd, previously worked in Management Consultancy and joined Forever in 1993. 

She went on to develop a highly successful business and her achievements included receiving a six-figure Chairman’s Bonus cheque, reaching Sapphire Manager and becoming the Number 1 Distributor in the UK.

Forever through generations

Sadly, Deborah passed away in 2021 after a courageous battle with cancer. Felix says: “It was through Forever that Mum really came into her own and saw great success both financially and through recognition as she moved up the Marketing Plan, achieving Sapphire Manager in 2000.

“Forever and mum were inextricably linked. I remember travelling the world with her on so many trips as I grew up and have so many happy memories of being there to celebrate her success. My mum and dad had divorced, so I was always her plus one. 

“It was very emotional as I stepped out on to the stage alone at the most recent Success Day in March 2023. Mum has given me the ultimate gift willing me her business. And knowing I would be taken care of after she had gone gave her huge peace of mind. 

“Stepping out onto the stage and being recognised as the sixth biggest UK Forever business means mum’s efforts continue. It also meant a great deal to me as other long-established business owners who I have known from being a boy talked so warmly about my mum.”

Felix and Forever

Felix joined the business at the age of 18. He goes on to say, “Mum spent a lot of time with me, training me in the skills needed to recruit and develop people in the business from around the age of 14.  

“It’s been a challenging couple of years since she passed. I’m my mum’s only child and there has been quite a lot to process. Previously, I was a student studying Estate Management at Oxford Brookes University and on the career path to become a Chartered Surveyor. At university, I also joined the army and became a reservist in 2018 with the Oxford OTC.

“I have since transferred to B Company, 4Para. Since mum’s passing and leaving university, I have taken over the management of the Forever business, completed a few charity races and, in 2021 – shortly after mum’s passing – finished a 100km run from Richmond Park to Oxford to raise money and awareness for breast cancer in mum’s honour and memory. 

“I’m only 22 years old, so I’m taking stock about my next steps. These include my passions of Property Development and, of course, Forever. I always feel close to mum when I’m around Forever and am determined to honour her memory and continue the legacy she began.”

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