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Build up self-belief by Clare Graham

Seven years ago, after having her first daughter, Clare Graham returned to work as a part-time housing officer. But the part-time income proved a struggle; she needed to find something more flexible…

How did you discover network marketing?

I needed something that would enable me to work from home as my partner, David, worked long hours as a manager at the local council. I found a job collecting and delivering catalogues which I worked at for four years. Part of the role involved building a team of your own, and although I only had a small team that never really made much money, my eyes were opened to the world of network marketing. I began to look for other opportunities and I tried a couple of others but unfortunately they didn’t work for me. One of the companies even went bust and I lost all my money! Despite this I knew network marketing was what I wanted to do, and thankfully a video of Claire Spencer led me to Forever. I started immediately – you can imagine what David said when I told him I’d started yet another business, but I knew I’d prove him wrong – and through word of mouth my retail base grew.

What do you think helped you progress?

When I set about building my team I spoke to everyone about the opportunity, and although it was harder to convince people that this opportunity was worth a look, eventually they were sold on the idea. You don’t have to recruit hundreds of people to be successful; I only actually introduced about forty-two people, but I’ve helped them develop their own teams – now the team’s grown to over 1,300 people!

I had no special skills or real experience, and my confidence was at rock bottom after the three failed businesses, but I still had the drive and ambition to succeed. Forever has given me my confidence back. In fact, I now have more confidence than I’ve ever had before in my life. I managed to reach Manager in twelve weeks and for the first time in my life I felt successful. I also focused on the amazing incentives that Forever has to offer, and this focus meant I achieved everything on the Marketing Plan.

Forever’s training is excellent and since a lot is online I could really get stuck in. I have also gained a lot from the Dave O’Connor mindset course and through studying other leaders in network marketing, such as Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter and Erric Worre.

My income is now twelve times more than what I earned as a part-time housing officer – I earn more in a month now than what I earned in a whole year! This has allowed me to give up my job and spend more time at home – I now have two daughters who love their time with mummy! I have been on five holidays this year; we both now drive our dream cars and we have been able to renovate our home. I finally feel successful and I have made so many more great friends through Forever – work doesn’t feel like work anymore!

What advice would you give Managers trying to reach the soaring milestone?

Work closely with the people you recruit; it is so rewarding watching your team on stage knowing you’ve helped to change their lives. Help them with their first launch, plug them into trainings, sizzles, Business Presentations, etc. and help them to follow the simplicity of the Marketing Plan. You will need to coach them to communicate with others and help them to develop their people skills so that they can speak about the business with confidence. I find that creating their own ‘script’, one that invites people to look at the Forever opportunity, can help build their confidence. When someone is new to the business their self-belief is often low; encouraging them until they gain this self-belief is crucial. Mindset is the most important aspect of being successful, but you have to work on this daily.

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