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Back to school – time to re-think your career?

September is synonymous with many things: the onset of autumn and falling leaves, harvest festivals, the nights drawing in and of course going back to school after the long summer break! For many youngsters including Prince George, this week marked the first day at primary school and a huge milestone in every child’s (and parent’s) life.

For working parents with school-age children, September can be a particularly reflective month since it marks the return to both school and work after a long spell of precious family time. Whilst some parents are grateful for this return to ‘normality’ and a more rigid routine, others find it harder to adjust to the 9-5 lifestyle and the demands of juggling so many aspects of their life at once. To make matters worse, many primary schools are often accused of being particularly inflexible towards working parents, since they adopt a settling-in period during the first few weeks involving shorter hours. The effect of such a policy can play havoc with parents’ schedules who need to be available to collect children from school at midday. However, even after the chaos of the first few weeks, school hours and holiday dates can be close to impossible to manage alongside a 9-5 job. So, is there another way? Are there jobs out there that fit into busy family life and still offer good career and financial prospects? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that the answer is yes!

Forever Living is a direct marketing company in the health and wellness industry which provides an opportunity that anyone can be a part of. By simply using and sharing the fantastic products, as well as building and coaching a team, you could build yourself a successful business with a lucrative income. Other benefits of Forever Living include qualifying for a range of incredible incentives, including travel opportunities to many luxurious locations all over the world, a car plan scheme which could see you owning the car of your dreams, bonus cheques and many more. However, one of the biggest selling points for many people is time! Time to be with your family, time to do the school run and time to go at your own pace. Most people would agree that flexibility is so precious in the fast pace of modern day living, and Forever Living can offer a genuine escape from the ‘rat race’.

Forever Living has helped a whole host of parents over the years to achieve incredible things and to give them back the time and flexibility that they all desperately craved. One Forever Business Owner, Andrea, was asked why she decided to join Forever Living and here is what she had to say:

“Like many Forever Business Owners, I am a single parent to three amazing children. I joined the business because I needed something more flexible, something that would fit around the children. I now wake up and pinch myself when I think about what I’m able to provide, very flexibly, for my family. Forever Living is not only something I’m doing for my children, but I’m doing it for me too. It’s given me purpose, confidence, and a huge sense of fulfilment. I know that a happy mummy helps create a happy home and going forward I know I will be able to create some amazing memories with my children.”

To find out more about the Forever business opportunity and how it might be the right thing for you, take a look at this video.

Did you join Forever Living as a result of wanting more time with your family? Did your previous job make it difficult to put the needs of your family first? If so, we would love to hear from you – please post your experience in the comments section below.

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