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An Arctic challenge

It’s always inspiring when you hear of people who choose to take on life-changing challenges; challenges that push your body to the limit by testing your mental endurance and physical strength; challenges that involve a level of risk that most of us would cower from. So, when Forever Business Owner Angie Morris shared that five of her customers and friends had taken on such a challenge, Forever was keen to find out more...

In March 2016 a total of eight women came together to participate in an event organised by ‘Global Adventure Challenges’, a mission that was designed to push them to the extreme. They each came from various walks of life but together they shared a common passion: to conquer the frozen wilderness of the arctic! These incredible ladies spent a year preparing for an experience that had them spend six days and nights enduring temperatures as low as -30°. They were required to live, eat and sleep in surroundings covered by snow and ice, tend to their team of 40 huskies and travel by husky-drawn sled 285km from the Signaldalen in the Tromsø area in Norway to Jukkasjarvi near Kiruna in Sweden. They called themselves, ‘The Atte Huskyteers’!

Forever’s Editor Kate Hodge caught up with Amanda Nissen, one of the Atte Huskyteers, to hear more about her incredible experience.

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