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Adding a personal touch to your Christmas gift giving

There are people who love Christmas gift shopping so much they have it all done, wrapped and ready to go by September… others have a much harder time figuring out what to get. Which one are you? 

If you tend to draw a blank during gift-giving season, and resort to the safe but somewhat impersonal gift voucher, fear not! Perhaps it’s time to switch up your approach. Instead of going out and looking for that elusive ‘one perfect gift’ that is so hard to find, consider instead putting together a gift basket that compliments someone’s unique interests and personality. 

Whether you’re shopping for a creative trendsetter or someone who’s always on the go and looking forward to their next adventure, take a look at this guide for some inspiration…

‘The Minimalist’

Some people love to keep things simple. If this sounds like someone you’re shopping for this season, why not find a gift that’s easy to use? Consider an effective way to elevate their skincare routine with limited hassle. Forever’s Sonya Daily Skincare System combines aloe with powerful botanicals in a gel-based system that is specifically designed for combination skin. 

When it comes to wrapping, why not make packaging simple for someone who doesn’t want clutter? Consider a basket which can be repurposed or reused, or a woven bag that can be used as an eco-friendly grocery bag once the festive season is over.

Why not take the gift to the next level by adding an experience to the gift basket, like a workshop or class? Whether your recipient is a keen baker, a talented woodworker or a gin enthusiast, there’s bound to be something you can buy to show them you understand what they’re into – and that way you can be sure your gift won’t sit getting dusty in a forgotten corner somewhere. 

‘The Adventurer’

If your recipient has a case of wanderlust, you can be sure that they’ll be thankful for supplies to keep them going on their next adventure. Instead of wrapping individual gifts in a gift bag or hamper, why not pack everything into a backpack or suitcase, ready for the recipient to jet-set off on their next adventure? 

Don’t forget the small but important items your adventurer may be overlooking, like Aloe Lips or a long-lasting waterproof sun lotion such as our Aloe Sunscreen. There’s also of course our Forever Travel Kit which features miniatures of all the essentials your recipient needs in travel friendly sizes, ready for them to take on the plane. Little things like a compass, waterproof journal or some quality snacks always make a nice finishing touch!

‘The Perfectionist’

Some people just don’t think a job is worth doing if you don’t pay attention to every detail. If you have a meticulous recipient, start with a beautiful basket that will come in handy for the super-organised – like an organisational crate to keep clutter at bay. 

Forever’s targeted skincare range is an excellent gift option to add to this basket. Every product in this collection is designed to address specific areas of concern and work seamlessly with someone’s existing routine. Choose two or three products that will focus on a specific area of skincare.

Then, fill it with goodies to help get their new year off to a great start! From a desk calendar or new pen pot, to a wardrobe planner that’ll help your recipient determine the week’s fashion choices in advance, you’ll be sure to please!

‘The Creative’

Step outside the box for your quirky, artistic or creative friend, and put together a gift basket that’ll unlock their potential.

Make the centrepiece of this gift a nice pair of noise-cancelling wireless headphones to help the recipient drown out the distractions of the outside world with music that will fuel the muse and increase productivity. 

Watercolour sheets or notebooks are a great addition to any artist’s gift basket – something that they can take with them on the go, and unleash their creativity whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. Or consider the type of finishing touch you don’t necessarily see every day, like metallic temporary tattoos that can make a real statement at music festivals, art galleries or a night on the town. Make the look even bolder with a Sonya Precision Liquid Eyeliner – the thin brush is perfect for clean lines that make a real statement.

No matter what type of personality you’re buying for, you can be sure that there’s a #GiftBasketFOREVERyone. If you’re still stuck for inspiration, search the hashtag across social media and take a look at some of the other brilliant ideas our Forever audience has put together. Let us know in the comments if you have any other ideas.

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