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A Valentine’s Day treat for your lips…

Happy Valentine’s Day!
So far this month we’ve spent our time playing cupid and pairing up some perfect product pairs. But there’s one product we wanted to matchmake specifically with you - yes, YOU – because we think it’s bound to be love at first sight. We’re talking, of course, about Aloe Lips - our rich and nourishing lip balm, great for protecting lips all-year round. Why do we think it's such be a good match, you ask? Just take a look at its ingredients…

Aloe Vera

As with most of our products, the key ingredient in Aloe Lips is our own-grown Aloe Barbadensis Miller leaf extract. Aloe has many properties which make it ideally placed in a lip balm. As well as having a high water content; which makes it nice and moisturising to help soothe and soften lips, aloe vera is also naturally cooling, which can help to relieve painful chapped lips.


During the winter months, the cold can make our lips dry, cracked, sore and in desperate need of moisture. In the summer, unprotected lips are at risk of sunburn, which dries out the skin and lips and can leave them peeling and flaky.

The hydrating properties of jojoba can help to prevent skin flaking and help to deliver moisture, making Aloe Lips a treat come rain or shine.


Wax is often used in skin-softening treatments due to the way it helps to smooth. It also works as a barrier between the skin and other contaminants. Aloe Lips contains several different kinds of wax to provide maximum luxury, including beeswax – a natural skin protectant which soothes and hydrates without clogging pores.

But you don’t need to take our word for it! Good Housekeeping recently reviewed our Aloe Lips and it seems they share our love for this pocket-sized wonder! Their expert testers loved the flavour and the fact that the condition of their lips “improved within two to three days”. Take a look at their review here.

Whether you’re off out for date night tonight, staying in and cuddling, or celebrating with your friends rather than a romantic partner, your lips could always use a little more love, so don’t forget to keep your Aloe Lips close by.

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