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A sense of security by Julie Woodward

Julie is a teacher who has had to overcome numerous life challenges: a divorce, two bouts of cancer, and two redundancies. She is currently in her early sixties but she will not receive her pension until she is sixty-six. When she does, the likelihood is that she will still face financial challenges. Julie was therefore determined to find something that would offer her that sense of security…

I came across Forever at a health and healing fair eight years ago and I quickly saw its potential. I found I only needed to put a few hours a week into the business, and I knew I could generate a good retirement income. I am also able to control my own diary and this has given me the flexibility I sought.

I now work with others, coaching them to run a business like mine, and while I think anyone of any age and background can start their own Forever business, for women on their own, Forever offers a new lease of life! There is so much support, it extends your social circle and I've made so many friends along the way.

I now have the financial peace of mind that I craved and I have the flexibility to travel – it really is the best of both worlds.

With my business I've been able to create special memories, including being in London with my daughter at my grandson's birth, and I was also able to arrange a trip to visit my son in Brazil. My pensions may die with me, but I have now created a business that my children and grandchildren will inherit when I am gone, and that’s why, right now, I couldn't be more excited about life!

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