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A secure and financial future

With a background as an organiser in weddings and parties, Nicola Liggins started her Forever business 5 years ago and was joined by her husband Ian two and a half years later.  Initially they started their business to help them pay off spiraling debts including credit cards and an overdraft.  Having developed a successful business they are now in a position to help their daughter Alice 21 to fund an Estate Agency Franchise through Open House Estate Agents. Alice will have her own business when she finishes university next year, and Nicola and Ian will go on to help her using all the business skills they have developed in building their own Forever business. 

Nicola says,  “Forever has enabled us to build a secure and financial future for ourselves and now we want to ensure all of our four children have that same security ahead of them; coming out of education debt free and giving them the best possible start to adulthood, including their own business and deposit for their own home.  

As a parent all you ever want to do is to feel that you have done everything you can for your children. To know that we are in a position to help set our children up so that they are financially secure and have a future of choices and freedom ahead of them makes us extremely proud and emotional. We are truly grateful to Forever for making this possible.”

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