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A new challenge by Hannah Morgan

Assistant Manager Hannah Morgan loved the idea of a flexible business that would challenge her mind but work around her kids.

My current job is in events, working as an events coordinator, but I am also a busy farmer’s wife and at times, such as when it’s lambing season, our life is just crazy! Despite this, I decided to start my own Forever business, and I did this when I was thirty-seven weeks pregnant with my second child.

When I was growing up, Jan, Nick, Nat and Sam were our neighbours; my mum was actually one of Jan's first customers! Natalie (Heeley) actually approached me eight years ago and I had two one-to-ones with her, but I still turned down the opportunity. But then my circumstances changed...

My reason for starting was not for the mega salary, but for the challenge; I was keen to keep my brain active whilst I was on maternity leave. Now I have seen the benefit of this extra income first hand, and it certainly is a brilliant bonus. As soon as I started Forever I got stuck in. I wanted to do this before baby Nancy arrived and I'm so glad I did as it gave me a massive confidence boost, and I learnt so much. I got myself a good regular customer base and I put myself out there so that people in our village knew where to come for products. By doing this I achieved my first promotion (and a pay rise), and I reached Supervisor in just seven weeks. I had Nancy a few weeks before this.

My team was steadily growing and, as a result, I achieved my second promotion within six months. This was largely down to my ‘no excuse attitude’. Sometimes people can use their children as an excuse: ‘I'm too busy with the kids’ etc., but for me my kids are my reason why. I was able to manage my time and get a great work-life balance, and although I’m generally a busy person, I was conscious not to let any of my previous commitments hinder me from investing time into my business each day.

I am now in a place where I can work my business around my kids. I love that I can still take them out to play, meet friends for coffee and help out on the farm; I really can work as flexibly as I choose. And, most importantly, the extra income more than covers my son Max's nursery fees – this was my initial goal.

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