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A major transformation by Alastair and Kelly Jones

Alastair and Kelly Jones discovered Forever last summer, but for them it was embracing the F.I.T. programme that had the most impact on their life. In fact, Kelly truly believes it saved her husband’s.

My husband Alastair and I have been Forever Business Owners since the end of August last year, and we were promoted to Supervisors in November. For us, Forever is about the products, and we have always taken them very seriously. In fact, in our house, we completely live and breathe aloe.

Alastair is especially taken by all of the fitness programmes. He completed his first C9 in September last year as before this he had gone up to a whopping 17 stone. In my opinion he was a heart attack waiting to happen; he was in a downward spiral of unhealthy eating, drinking alcohol and coffee, and snacking all of the time. Whilst on the programme he managed to lose some weight, but to be honest he wasn’t really taking it as seriously as he should have been, and by Christmas the pounds had begun to slowly creep back on.

After the holidays Ali started to read up on F.I.T.1 and F.I.T.2 and he decided to take on the challenge. He recognised that the regime would be something that would work for him as he is ex-Royal Navy and currently a police officer. Strict routine is definitely what he is used to. He decided to kick-start the programme by completing another C9 as he knew this would help focus his mind. He successfully lost a significant amount, but this time he moved directly onto the F.I.T.1 and I have honestly never seen Ali so determined to change his life. His body shape began to change, his mindset changed and his physical fitness was the best I had ever seen it. When he finished the F.I.T.1 I thought that would be it, he had already achieved so much, but after a four-day break he started on the F.I.T.2.

His body shape continued to change for the better – as did his fitness level – and, after completing all three programmes, Ali’s lifestyle and attitude towards food and exercise had completely been transformed (as had his waistline).

I truly believe that Forever has saved his life and changed it for the better. I’m sure you will agree from looking at the pictures that the change is unbelievable and his achievement is truly something to be proud of. This is firstly due to the fantastic products that Forever has provided, but secondly it’s thanks to Ali's determination to succeed.

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