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A leap of faith by Lucinda McLaughlin

Lucinda McLaughlin was the proprietor of a busy equine livery and rehabilitation facility, and so she was certainly no stranger to the benefits of aloe vera. However, Luci always saw herself as a ‘busy’ person, and she just couldn’t see how she’d have time to give any other business venture priority…

Although I loved Forever, I primarily joined the business to supply myself and a few existing clients with products. Initially I didn’t see how selling these products could replace my income and remove the stresses of being successfully self-employed, but I soon learnt that I was wrong to adopt this attitude. At the time I just couldn’t see the bigger picture, and looking back now it frustrates me as my livery business was taking over my life. As my livery business grew, the running costs also grew. Every year saw increased staffing costs, insurance, liabilities, etc. and this meant more responsibility. The more it grew, the more my passion for the industry died.

When I joined Forever in May 2015, the five of us – me, my partner Alex, my two boys (Oliver, five, and Austin, two), and our Jack Russell Archie – were all living in a 12’ x 30’ static caravan. We were in the middle of building our own home, the livery business was bursting at the seams and Alex was working full-time. The boys were juggled between school, the childminder and grandparents, and since the weekend staff was notoriously unreliable, I would be out working on the yard most weekends too. We had little or no quality time together, and to be honest I have no idea how we coped for so long!

When I first started my Forever business I just couldn’t see the opportunity I had in my hands, and the potential of breaking into the rider market was something I hadn't even thought about. It wasn’t until July 2015, when I attended the Business Presentation at Warwick, that I really saw its potential – and that’s when I got to work.

Although it felt like a huge decision to make, one that took a giant leap of faith, our well-established livery and rehab facility soon became HFS Forever Horse & Rider HQ. When I turned Manager in November 2015, I wound down our old business and took most of December off to move our family into our new home. The livery and rehab facility was never going to provide me with a residual, willable and growing income without the pressure of cash flow, staff and wages to pay, but now I have found this in Forever. I’m also able to be at the school gates both ends of the day and we have far more quality time than we’ve ever had before. I won't lie, it has not been easy, but it really has been worth it!

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