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A Forever F.I.T. Story

Many people start making small changes in January in a bid to live a healthier life, but 24-year-old Virgyl Sowah knew that he had to do something fast in order to sustain the lifestyle he enjoyed. That’s why Virgyl decided to take on Forever Living’s C9 Challenge, a challenge that requires participants to follow a unique meal and supplement plan, accompanied by gentle exercise, for just nine days. Read on to find out whether Virgyl was able to #BeResolute for the duration of the challenge…

Name: Virgyl Sowah

Age: 24

Bio: Filmmaker. Social media master. Friendly neighbourhood smiler

Challenge: C9

How were you feeling before the programme?

I felt bloated all the time and was very unfit when playing sports or when out filming for a full day.

What did you want to get out of the programme?

Having done the C9 before, I knew it would reset my mindset and make me think differently about the food I was eating. I knew it would be a great starting point for me.

How did you convince yourself to bite the bullet and do it?

New year, new me! I have a busy lifestyle and as a filmmaker it’s very easy to lose track of exercising and eating the right foods. Funny thing is, if I continued in this way and didn’t make time for healthy eating and exercise, I would end up not being able to do my job properly! I have a real passion for my job and never want my health to hinder that.

How did you find the first few days?

I was honestly fine as I started cutting down on the meals I was eating three days prior to starting, so when it came to days one and two, my body had already begun to adjust to that style of eating.

What was the hardest part?

Although I had cut down on my eating prior to starting, I still found day two the hardest.

What was the easiest part?

Weirdly enough, day three was the easiest day. I felt energised even though I hadn’t eaten as much the previous day.

What helped you to stay focused?

I kept on thinking about how much I wanted to tick it off my list, and how I wanted to be able to say that I had completed it properly. I told a few of my friends that I was doing it, so that I knew I was accountable to people, and I like to stick to what I say I am going to do. I also knew that completing the C9 Challenge would be the first step towards being in better health for filmmaking and football.

What did you do when you felt like quitting?

Honestly, after day five I didn’t even think about quitting because it had become a normal part of my routine.

How did you feel as the challenge progressed?

I felt great and I think that’s partly because I made it fit around my lifestyle. If I had a football match, I knew a shake on its own wasn’t going to give me what I needed to compete at the highest level, so instead I chose to split the 800-calorie meal into two 400-calorie meals so that I could have a light meal packed with carbs before the game. Once the game was finished, I would have the shake and if I was still hungry, I’d have the second 400-calorie meal – this time I’d have something rich in protein for recovery.

What was your favourite recipe?

Chicken and rice – so simple to make and packed with the right nutrition.

What was your go-to exercise?

HIIT – 20-second sprint followed by a 40-second jog. Although this is not recommended in the programme, I knew my body could cope so I was able to do it on-and-off.

How did you feel when you completed the challenge?

I felt great. I felt lighter and most importantly my mindset around food was better. I wasn’t picking up things I didn’t need, and I didn’t have cravings. I also noticed a lot of difference when playing football; I had more energy and felt lighter when I ran.

Would you repeat the programme again in the future?

After completing the C9, I felt more comfortable having a shake for breakfast or lunch, and I am more aware of how many calories I eat in a day. We all develop bad habits but it’s great to know that this programme is there whenever you go off track. Knowing that the C9 programme can re-educate you every time is why I would do it in the future.

Have you ever completed the C9? Let us know how you found the programme in the comments below.

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