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A day in the life of Mike Tuck


I have team training sessions most mornings so I wake up between 6:00am and 6:30am before starting my day. I like to get some supplements in my system as quickly as possible so the first thing I reach for is Forever Arctic Sea and Forever Daily – I take these with a big shot of Forever Freedom. Then it’s time for some food! I will usually have some porridge with chopped up banana or blueberries mixed in, and sometimes I’ll add a scoop of Forever Lite Ultra. Once fuelled up I quickly get dressed and hop into the car to head to basketball practice. Practice will usually last from 8 ‘til 10am and whilst walking to practice I always have my Argi+ bottle filled with water and an Argi+* sachet to help energize me throughout my training session.


During basketball season we are constantly reviewing video footage of our practices. This is a great way to review games, pick up on mistakes, see what we can improve upon and also a way to observe what we are doing well. Immediately after morning training we will have these film sessions, usually as a team but sometimes individually.

After the training session I head straight to the weight room. I have a specific strength and conditioning programme from the team’s strength coach which is broken down into three different sessions throughout the week. These sessions are great for strength, agility, flexibility, injury prevention and endurance. They are broken down into four week programmes and once we finish the fourth week we are assigned a new programme with a new focus. This helps me build up throughout the season and stay strong and injury free. Once I’m done in the weight room I like to hit the sauna and do some stretching to relax my muscles.

Alongside my role as a professional basketball player, I also work at a solicitor’s firm in Sheffield in a Marketing Executive role – I’ve done this for the last two years now. After training I therefore head straight into the office to work for the remainder of the day. It can get a bit hectic but it keeps life interesting and I enjoy working with so many different people and balancing both aspects of my life.


I love to relax in the evenings. With such a busy schedule, it’s nice to get home at the end of a long day and just chill out. I like to have a good meal and then unwind on the couch with a box set or a film. Sometimes I’ll try and catch up with family and friends back in Canada (where I’m originally from) on FaceTime or over the phone. I’ll also take some time to prepare for the next day, plan out stuff with work and pack my bag for training. I try to get to bed at a decent time so I can start the process all over again in the morning!


I think my mornings are pretty much always the same but if I don't have early morning training I might sleep in a little longer. However, I will still get up and take my supplements and have a good breakfast regardless of what the day ahead has in store for me.


It’s really difficult to pinpoint just one moment as I’ve had so many amazing experiences with Forever, but I think the moment that stands out most in my mind has to be the first ever event I did. It was the Liverpool Success Express at the Echo Arena back in September. I went on stage in front of about 1,000 people to speak about my experience as a Forever F.I.T. Ambassador for the UK. Although I’ve played basketball in front of much bigger audiences, speaking on stage is a completely different experience. I was really nervous beforehand but once I got up there I actually really enjoyed it and it was great to receive such positive feedback afterwards.

* Argi+ can help to reduce feelings of tiredness and fatigue due to its vitamin C content.

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