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6 reasons network marketing might be for you.

Nothing in life stays the same and the world of work is no exception. Latest studies show that the millennial generation is looking for a different way of working.  What is a Millenial? While the exact years may vary slightly depending on who you ask, it’s safe to say that the term ‘millennial’ refers to those born roughly between 1981 and 2000. We also know that Millennials are the largest generation currently active in the workforce – so, whatever you may think they have the power to stand up for what they think they deserve in the workplace. So what is important to them? Well surveys show that learning and development, flexibility, and stability are some of the key desires they have for themselves in their working lives.

Not surprisingly then that many are open to an alternative to the traditional corporate career or the 9 to 5 job. They are sometimes criticised for not being patient enough, or wanting more responsibility than they can handle. Millennials have all that it takes to become one of the most entrepreneurial generations that ever lived and yet they are struggling to move forward with their ideas due their student debt. Millennials have a strong desire to venture on the entrepreneurial path but reports suggest that 42 percent of them say that their biggest obstacle is lack of money.

So given their huge potential and power could network marketing be the answer? We think yes, so here are 6 reasons why network marketing might be for you - whether you’re a millennial or not

  1. There is a strong sense of ownership – you are in business for yourself but not by yourself. We all benefit from feeling in control of our destiny.

  2. Low-risk entry level – no large start up sum is required. To start a Forever business for example costs less than £200.

  3. It’s flexible and can be worked around your existing work or family commitments

  4. You’ll be appreciated. There is a strong culture of reward and recognition. Incentives such as car plans, bonuses and paid for holidays around the globe.

  5. Great training and support from an established global brand with a proven model.

  6. It’s a level playing field; successful network marketers are diverse; from all walks of life, all ages all backgrounds.

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