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10 things to look forward to in Autumn

As the weather starts to get colder and the leaves start to change, it signals the end of summer. It’s time to put your swimming trunks and bikinis back in the drawer and your summer suitcases in the attic. As this season draws to a close, we welcome autumn with open arms, as we prepare for some of the most exciting events and offerings of the year.

It’s time to wrap up warm, devour your favourite comfort food and enjoy as the leaves crisp up and fall from the trees. Autumn is one of the best seasons, and we’ve listing the things we look forward to the most.

Wearing warmer clothes

Time to get out your favourite wooly jumpers and wellies to enjoy the change in weather. There’s nothing better than being able to put on our favourite knitwear, wrapping up warm in a chunky knit cardigan and getting snug for the colder temperatures.

An extra hour in bed

The best thing about autumn is that extra hour in bed once the clocks go back. With the mornings getting colder and darker, getting out of bed can definitely be a struggle. That extra hour gives you just a bit more time to snuggle up in your duvet and enjoy some more snoozing time.

Autumnal recipes

Nothing beats doing some baking at home in the colder months, especially with the seasonal flavours that are starting to be introduced now that summer is over. Apples and blackberries are in their prime for cooking, along with several vegetables such as carrots, cauliflowers and a Christmas favourite - brussel sprouts! Our Forever Bee Honey is a great natural sweetener for cakes, bread and even savoury meat dishes.


Get your costumes ready, a big event throughout Autumn is Halloween; which is just around the corner! It’s time to start carving pumpkins, getting our fancy dress costumes ready and trick or treating.

Everyone loves a good excuse to get dressed up and have a little fun with children on this day. It doesn't matter how old you are, this holiday doesn't have an age limit.

Return of the Roast Dinner

Roast dinners are somewhat forgotten about throughout the warmer months, but now that the dark evenings are starting to draw in, we can definitely start to look forward to eating hearty and wholesome meals, just like the trusty British roast dinner.

Cozy nights in

With the colder weather it gives you an excuse to just stay in and watch a film, cuddle up with a blanket and light some cinnamon scented candles. You can organise your social calendar around blankets, hot chocolates and comforting foods.

Bonfire night

This event cries autumn. Bonfire night gives you the chance to head down to the park and watch glittering balls of fire shoot through the skies above, surrounded by scents of candy floss, sizzling hot dogs and the burning bonfire. What more could you want on an autumnal evening?

Drinking all of the hot beverages

Gingerbread lattes and spiced apple cappuccinos! Coffee shops love to play around with flavours around this time of year, so treat yourself to something special. Our Aloe Blossom Tea is a delicious herbal tea that is soothing, refreshing and caffeine-free.

Getting wrapped up and ready for bed

After a walk in the chilly evening air, it’s nice to snuggle down into bed. Sleeping in during summer isn’t too appealing, but once the weather gets a little cooler, you’ll find yourself tempted to crawl back into bed or hit the snooze button a couple of times.

The beginning of Christmas markets

Despite Christmas being in winter, it is autumn that marks the start of the Christmas gift shopping frenzy. Christmas markets start to pop up in towns and cities during November and many of us start to get excited for the winter season.

What is your favourite part of Autumn? We’d love to know in the comments below!

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