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10 hints and tips for creating a good video

Forever UK 10 hints and tips for creating a good video:

  1. If you have a professional camera and tripod at your disposal then always use this equipment for the most professional look.

  1. If being filmed on a phone then always film in landscape and not portrait (Tip the phone 90 degrees)

  1. If possible use a selfie stick. This will help keep the camera as stable as possible.

  1. If a selfie stick is not available then get someone else to film you. This will again be significantly more stable.

  1. Make sure the framing is a medium shot. Little bit of headspace above and the bottom of the shot should be just below chest area.

  1. Make sure you speak loud and clear and nothing is covering the speaker because this will significantly sacrifice the quality.

  1. Never film directly in front a window as this will really affect the lighting and may create inconsistencies within the video.

  1. Never film in front of a mirror. A reflection of yourself can become really distracting.

  1. If you decide to add music to your video then make sure you have the correct license for this for distribution. No unlicensed music will be published on our channels.

  1. Be careful how you fill the empty space in the shot behind you. Make sure this looks as professional as possible and avoid it looking messy or too busy e.g. Tables, chairs, cupboards, pictures or anything distracting in the shot.

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