About Aloe Matters

About Aloe Matters

It’s fair to say that Forever loves aloe, but that’s because we really do believe that it has a lot to offer! We created Aloe Matters magazine as a way for us to share with you exactly why aloe should matter to you. This magazine is crammed full of lifestyle-related features that integrate Forever’s products into the everyday. It offers fresh insight into products and provides you with relevant and relatable content that places Forever in the forefront of your mind.

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Editors letter

As we embark upon a new calendar year, thoughts often turn to matters of self-care, wellbeing and fitness. This season’s edition of Aloe Matters magazine has therefore been dedicated to looking after yourself and ensuring that you have the support you need to build a healthier you in 2017.

We are proud to introduce you to Forever’s new-and-improved F.I.T. programme (P.12), an excellent nutritional, weight management and exercise plan designed to help you transform your lifestyle and create good habits for life. We know that the New Year is often saturated with promotions of fad diets, celebrity weight-loss programmes and news of the latest superfoods, but Forever F.I.T. is a programme that cuts through the hysteria by offering solid advice, manageable exercise routines and nutritional recipes. If you’re looking for a weight management plan that’s sustainable and achievable, Forever F.I.T. is for you.

This issue also explores a couple of quick and easy ways to tone on the go. We have the buggy-body workout (P.10) for mums (or dads) to introduce into their schedule when they’re out in the park, and we have useful advice for the men (or women) who are interested in getting rock hard abs and upping their protein intake (P.30).

Looking after yourself through exercise is certainly one way to positively impact your wellbeing, but it is also extra important to take care of your inside, particularly during the colder months. Fighting vits (P.33) offers education on several of the core vitamins and minerals our bodies need to keep us functioning properly, but also make sure you swot up on our winter wonder-products (P.48) and the warming (and nutritious) winter drink suggestions we have prepared for you (P.37).

I hope you thoroughly enjoy reading Aloe Matters; I hope you learn something new, discover something exciting and most of all, I hope you give yourself the care and attention you deserve.

Kate Ellice Hodge


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