Daniel and Keely Backus, Soaring Managers

Daniel and Keely Backus, Soaring Managers

My working background was as a photographer in the advertising and fashion industry, and my wife, Keely, was a hairdresser when we were first introduced to Forever. She was immediately interested in the opportunity to earn a little extra cash to supplement her job. Most hairdressers don’t earn a lot of money, but they love what they do. That was the case for Keely, she loved what she did, but she wanted to earn an extra income around it. Keely achieved this goal quite quickly, and that’s when I, who had initially been a little sceptical about the opportunity, decided to take a serious look at the business. Five months later we hit Manager, and we also achieved Chairman’s Bonus within 18 months. I was able to quit my job as a photographer altogether after just 11 months, and Keely too, shortly after. Watching our team develop has been the most rewarding part of our business and helping others achieve their goals and aspirations, which in turn allows us to achieve ours. Some people might say that our success is just down to luck. But I say, work hard and you create your own luck.

Callum Wright, Supervisor

My background is in the football industry, playing for Wolves when I was young, and later full-time at Shrewsbury Town Football Club. Shrewsbury didn't renew my contract, so I then had to go into full-time work, which was something that I didn't really want to do.

I still play semi-professional football for Newtown Football Club, and I also coach sports in primary schools. I had been looking for something that I could work alongside my full-time job. I was shown some information about the business and instantly saw a fantastic opportunity that I would be able to work around my other commitments, without compromising my coaching hours.

I believe that sports nutrition is becoming increasingly important and popular, and one of my aims is to really break into the sports market. I also want to be financially free and have the lifestyle of my dreams. I believe my Forever business is going to make this happen.

Rizwana Dalal, Senior Manager

What appealed to me the most about Forever were the amazing rewards available and how real people were achieving such fantastic things. I have never really been a business-minded individual, and had no experience in sales or network marketing when I started. To be honest, I didn't even know what it meant! I just saw what was possible and knew I wanted to do it. I had complete tunnel vision towards my goals and wasn't going to let anything stop me.

I got to Manager in three months, and then quickly began to qualify for Forever’s Forever2Drive. I have an absolutely fantastic team of nearly 200 individuals who I love working with. I have helped fantastic people achieve their goals, and there is nothing more personally rewarding than knowing you are helping people change their lives for the better.

Samantha Fawdry-Jeffries, Manager

August 2013 was a huge turning point for me and my family. I'd recently given birth to our second child, Molly, and was busy being mum at home to both her and our two-year-old son, Harry. During July that year, I'd made a huge decision to sell my business of three-and-a-half years. I'd been busy running a bridal boutique and absolutely loved what I did. However, once I'd had my little ones I was then having to pay full-time staff on top of all the other overheads, and there just wasn't enough left for me at the end of each month – yet I still had all the stress and responsibility.

As much as I loved being mum at home, I soon realised that I needed something more. Forever has been in my life for the past 18 years as my mum has built an amazing business during this time. Seven years ago my sister also joined the business and has been a real inspiration.

From making the decision to join Forever, my business flew pretty quickly. I had a sense of urgency as knew that I needed an extra £600 per month to replace my shop income. In three months I'd achieved this, had built an amazing team and made some wonderful friends. Six months in and my income is more than I'd thought possible when I started. It's amazing what happens when you set solid goals!

Bridget and James Moore, Senior Managers

James and I started our Forever journey three-and-a-half years ago. At the time, I was working in local government marketing, but had just been put under threat of redundancy. To add to my insecurity, James was working long, stressful hours with his father in a busy hair salon.

One day at the school gates, I chatted with a fellow mum, who offered us a chance to look at Forever’s business opportunity. She had already approached James six months earlier, and he had turned her down, but this time we felt we had nothing to lose.

Initially our aspirations for our business were quite modest, simply looking to replace my income – a financial ‘safety net’. However, within eight months, my job had gone from bad to worse, so I made the decision to leave and focus time and effort on Forever.

Our aspirations have grown dramatically, as has our business, with our income now five times my old local government salary.

Forever is not about already having business skills and experience; it’s about developing you and helping others develop their own potential. I now start each working day feeling excited, challenged and inspired.

Philomena Guandai, Soaring Manager

My background was in law; as Secretary and Legal Advisor to the Kenyan community in Britain. Although in a very successful career, I was struggling to achieve work-life balance, bogged down with work, financial commitments and stress, and didn’t feel I was living the lifestyle that I wanted.

I first came across Forever when I was finishing my Masters degree, not looking to start a business. What initially attracted me were the bonuses on offer, much higher than with another network marketing company that had approached me; Forever was an opportunity with real income potential.

Coming from such a specific working background, in the beginning I did find some aspects of the business to be a little outside of my comfort zone, but I was determined to get back control of my life, so I stuck at it.

My journey with Forever has not only been very financially rewarding, but also created so many friendships along the way, and the team are more like a family to me now. I now have the work-life balance I was searching for.

Claire and Paul Barradell, Senior Managers

When my husband Paul and I joined Forever, I was already working two jobs with dreadful hours to accommodate the needs of our young family. It was menial work, well below my abilities and very de-motivating. Paul was earning a good salary, but I needed to continue working and wanted the independence of earning my own money.

We were both at an all-time low, when a neighbour invited us to a presentation about the Forever business. During that evening, I learned that not only might aloe vera be good for our wellbeing, but also that by becoming a Forever Business Owner, I could earn the extra cash that I needed, working hours that suited the children and me.

Within four weeks of me joining, Paul felt a positive difference from using the products, and within eighteen months, my growing income exceeded his, so Paul decided to leave his job and join me in the business.

Forever is like a dream come true – an ethical business, with virtually no start-up cost and fantastic earning potential. We have been able to create a rapidly growing enterprise, have complete financial independence, and now have a lifestyle most people can only dream about.

Balvir Kaur and Satnam Singh Sagoo, Soaring Managers

Satnam explains, “After my wife Balvir was approached about the Forever business in a shopping centre in February 2011, she came home extremely excited, but I immediately thought two things: ‘pyramid’ and ‘scam,’ so dismissed it. However, seven months later, we went to a presentation where the business was explained, so followed our instincts and became Forever Business Owners in August 2011.

“I had worked and trained so hard for my career at the school, says Balvir, “but after six months in Forever, that income had been tripled, so I resigned and went full-time in Forever.

“This Forever business has given us flexibility around our children, financial freedom, and importantly, time to spend with each other. The Forever2Drive Programme, with extra monthly income each month to spend as we choose, has helped me to become completely debt-free.”

Satnam adds, “We recently qualified to travel free to Sardinia, for what was an almost unbelievable and unforgettable experience – so motivating, and a destination we could only have dreamed about before. We came back feeling really excited about our Forever business, which truly does change lives.”

Ann Banks, Supervisor

“My background before joining Forever, was an amazing but demanding 35-year career in broadcasting, spanning World Service, Radio 1 and then moving on to working on some iconic TV programmes. I retired early, but came to the realisation that I’d not given enough thought to securing a healthy financial future for myself and my daughter.

“Browsing through Facebook one day, posts by a friend and former BBC colleague kept popping up, with amazing photos from exotic places all over the world. She was looking far too happy, clearly not still working at the BBC. What was she doing?

“I went along to a Forever business presentation, to gain more information on what the business was about. I’d thought Forever really wasn’t for me, but lives change and circumstances alter events, and I now have a fabulous team of my own. I really believe in the products, which makes it so easy for me to recommend them to other people.”

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